We are a custom integration design-build organization that specializes in designing, engineering, installing & servicing residential and business technologies. Our solutions include home & business automation, audio/video, security/surveillance, lighting fixtures & control, motorized shading and energy management. We design and engineer these otherwise separate systems to work together in one convenient app.


We focus on the unique needs of each application to design a highly functional, reliable system. We'll enhance your environment with the best lifestyle technologies available. We’ll work closely with you, your builder, architect, interior designer and project manager to design and deliver a high-quality, tailored solution for your home or business. We'll manage your project from start to finish to ensure your system delivery meets or exceeds expectations. 


Techifi has more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We are certified dealers with all the brands that we use. We service residential and commercial clients across the Pacific Northwest and beyond with remote management solutions.

Our Approach

From a single point of entry solution to a fully tailored, whole space integration, our approach remains the same. We work with you to realize your vision.


Understanding your goals and vision is critical to our success. Our first step in everything we do is to listen. This ensures we're on the same page as you. 

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Next is designing the system that works for you.  Project drawings help ensure we've captured your vision while staying within budget. We'll work directly with you and your project stakeholders to achieve your overall vision. 

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Engineering your equipment to perform is a key! A dedicated project manager will ensure the project stays on schedule and that all pre-installation work is completed. At the same time, we'll pre-program and test your equipment prior to installation to ensure it works as planned.

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Integrating your prebuilt equipment is where the magic happens.  Working with you, or your project manager,  every piece of equipment is carefully installed as designed. Your integrated technologies are programmed to work seamlessly as a single unit. Now we're now ready to hand you the controls.

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A concierge walk-through is conducted to ensure you know how to take full advantage of your equipment. We'll provide documentation to answer questions that come up. Best of all, our remote, computer-based servicing provides you peace of mind that your system will always perform.

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