Create an environment that keeps customers coming back


Your excellent cuisine brings customers into your restaurant. The overall experience is what will keep them coming back. Advanced management controls simplifies your operations while differentiating you to customers.


Set the tone with music, lighting, shading, climate, and more with one touch. Acoustic art panels make controlling sound stylish. Your customers will enjoy a one-of a-kind experience that only you can deliver.


Bars & Breweries

A well-designed audio-video system sets the mood for your customers

Whether you need innovative displays for sports watching or a high fidelity sound system for nighttime entertainment, 
we help you bring your ideas to life.


Security and surveillance systems allow round-the-clock access while giving you the peace of mind that your investment is secure. Let the party begin.



Taste the possibility

An integrated technology solution for your tasting room, rented facility, wedding, party or corporate event sets an atmosphere of sophistication.


Solutions include music for business and audio-visual presentation systems, automated lighting and motorized indoor/outdoor shading. We'll help design a space that accommodates the needs of your flexible event space.


Business Office

Space that works for you

From new builds to renovated properties, we deliver the technologies your business needs to maximize operations.


Conference rooms, training rooms, reception areas, and other spaces have unique needs. We offer solutions for collaborative media, networking, automated lighting and shading, all controlled from one source. We’ll design the system that works best for your business.


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