Whole Home

Create the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience throughout your entire home.


Adjust shades, lights, temperature, and enjoy music and video in any room you want it to be with just the touch of a button. When you leave, press a button to turn off all the lights, lock doors, arm the security system, set the temperature, lower shades, and turn off non-essential devices. Save time and effort when entertaining by creating the perfect ambiance with music and lighting scenes. Whether from an easy-to-use touch screen, handheld remote, customized keypad or mobile device, complete control of your entire house is at your fingertips.

Media Room

Take sports, gaming and movie watching in your home to an entirely different level.

Set the scene with lights and music for a game of billiards or poker, or simply unwind with a cocktail at your bar. Never miss the action with video  that displays multiple content feeds on a single screen. From ultra-high-resolution, multi-tiled video and media servers to immersive sound systems, lighting controls, customized seating, acoustical treatments, and more, we deliver an awe inspiring experience that is simple and fun to control.


TECHIFI  will work with your builder or interior designer to create an amazing experience or let us help you with a turn key solution in an existing space.



The kitchen is often the heart of the home.


Imagine pressing “Prepare” and your favorite music playlist comes on, shades raise to fill the room with sunlight, and counters brighten accordingly. You can keep an eye on the kids from the touch screen or see who’s at the gate when a visitor arrives. If your hands are preoccupied, voice control gives you the option to control your home 
with common spoken phrases.


Peaceful. Relaxing. Fun.

These are just a few words that describe what every outdoor space should be. Now you can enjoy more outside time with an automated entertainment and control system. Watch the game on your outdoor screen, listen to your favorite playlist from 
hidden speakers, check social media on the long-range wireless internet, or see who’s at the door just by picking up your phone. Your pool or spa will be part of the party and your lighting scenes will set the ambience.

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